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Bad Tatzmannsdorf Running and Walking Arena

Enjoy hiking, walking and running as a communal athletic experience without pressure to perform and purely for the pleasure of movement – this is the philosophy of the Bad Tatzmannsdorf Running and Walking Arena.

The Running and Walking Arena is unique in Austria. The interlinking of the paths and trails of Bad Tatzmannsdorf with those of the neighbouring municipalities of Bernstein, Mariasdorf, Oberwart, Oberschützen and Stadtschlaining means this region offers 138 km of running trails and 233 km of hiking and walking trails.

Guidance system and running and walking map

Guidance system and running and walking map

An intelligent guidance system puts you on the right path and informs you on the way, the total length of the selected route the degree of difficulty and offers in many places the entry into the running and walking arena.
A map offers in addition to the paths and the numerous entry points in the partner communities and the height profiles of the routes.
All entry points also have a large panoramic board.

The 1: 35,000 scale maps are available for € 3, - from the guest information offices, community offices and hotel reception areas. There are also special orientation hiking and running maps. These are available in the guest information Bad Tatzmannsdorf for the price of € 1.50 each.

Special tracks and running circuits

Runners and walkers will find a variety of running tracks with various surfaces in Bad Tatzmannsdorf.

Special tracks and running circuits

Woodchip track (500 m) for joint-friendly running and walking
Artificial turf track (309 m) for regenerative running and walking
Sensomotoric barefoot course (240 m) for barefoot runners on varying surfaces
Natural turf trail and running hill (600 m) for regenerative barefoot and fartlek running
Orienteering fixed track (30 posts) for walking and running with a map and compass
Orienteering fixed track (21 posts) in the spa park
Walking test trail (2 km) to determine physical capability

Overview of all walking, hiking and running trails

- interactive representation with map, elevation profile and route description:

Events in the Running and Walking Arena

ABGESAGT: 1. Vollmondwalk

ABGESAGT: 1. Vollmondwalk

ABGESAGT: 1. Vollmondwalk07:00 PM, Aschau

Machen Sie mit beim gemütlichen Vollmondwalk in Aschau und erleben Sie eine besondere, bewegte Vollmondnacht. More details




Vollmondwalk08:00 PM, Bernstein

Erleben Sie einen gemütlichen Walk bei Vollmond in Bernstein! More details


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