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Bad Tatzmannsdorf

Bad Tatzmannsdorf has been a source of natural forces since the 17th century. Lili Strauss, Carl Vaugoin, Franz Grillparzer and numerous prominent personalities have in the course of history had a "Kurstelldichein" in the scenic region of Bad Tatzmannsdorf in the Southern Burgenland. The slightly hilly landscape around Bad Tatzmannsdorf offers, then as now, a unique natural backdrop for relaxation, recharge of your batteries in the tranquility of nature and long walks or hikes. Here you can follow the footsteps of Franz Grillparzer in the large park with mature trees and many squirrels - he wrote here: "Today something miraculous happened to me: I dreamed while walking!".

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Discover and experience the four museums in Bad Tatzmannsdorf - REDUCE open air museum, radio museum, bread museum and the spa museum.More details

Nature experience

Nature experience
Nature experience

Bad Tatzmannsdorf is located in the middle of a beautiful natural arena. Here you can not only recharge your batteries, but also drank strength and once really breathe.More details

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