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Rehabilitationszentrum Bad Tatzmannsdorf

Bad Tatzmannsdorf , Dr. Ludwig Thomas-Straße 1


YOUR health is very important to the team of the SKA rehabilitation center!

Individual therapy offers support you in restoring your original health and improve your quality of life. This clinic specializes in:

  • Patients after acute coronary syndrome / heart attack
  • Patients with condition after: Cardiac catheterization and stent implantation, Heart bypass surgery, Heart valve interventions (operative / interventional), Pacemaker and / or defibrillator implantation, Ablation of arrhythmia, Operations on the large vessels, Heart transplant
  • Chronic heart failure
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Cardiovascular risk profile (combination of high blood pressure, overweight, smoking, ..)
  • Vascular occlusion on the legs (after surgery / stent implantation)

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