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Romeo Caviar

Mariasdorf, Spitzwiese 122


-Our Romeo Caviar comes from Siberian sturgeon and has a dark gray to black over olive grain with 2 -3 mm size.
-Our sturgeons grow up in natural ponds, so the taste of the caviar is closest to that of wild caught.
-Romeo Caviar can be kept fresh for 8 weeks, because we use only Austrian rock salt, not iodized, for preservation. It ferments in the can and can therefore be enjoyed at the perfect time (from the 4th week for small cans and the 6th week for large cans). In terms of maturity, Romeo Caviar can be compared to a cheese. Initially it is mild and becomes more intense in flavor depending on the degree of fermentation. This is a quality characteristic achieved exclusively by the absence of borax (preservative).
-The harvest season is between the end of September and Easter (depending on the weather). Out of season, you can purchase frozen caviar that has been shock frozen to the perfect degree of ripeness.
-Our sturgeons feed on plankton and insect larvae that occur naturally in the ponds. They are fed on pumpkin press cake, a residual product of pumpkin oil production.
-Our caviar is bottled exclusively per fish, which is another quality feature of caviar. Sustainability
- Sturgeon farming is the commitment to raise the fish without impacting wild stocks. This is done in a controlled environment where all factors such as feed and water quality are strictly monitored and subject to the imperative of sustainability as well as Washington's Endangered Species Act. A sturgeon takes 10-20 years - depending on the species - to reach sexual maturity and build caviar. We selectively hand fish the fish from the ponds and ensure that the fish grow up in optimal conditions. Since 2018, we have been breeding our own sturgeon.

Products - 10 g, 30 g, 50 g, 125 g and 250 g in vacuum cans, 250 g, 500 g and 1 kg in traditional cans.
Romeo Caviar: Imperial Caviar from Siberian Sturgeon
Romeo Caviar: Imperial Caviar Supreme from Siberian Sturgeon (Only the large eggs with a special color and firmness to the bite are filled here).
Sturgeon fillets are available all year round with skin on and as ready-to-cook fillets without skin. They are shock frozen immediately after processing. Furthermore, Almas Caviar from Albino Sterlet and Ossietra Caviar from Russian Sturgeon are available on request during the harvest season (end of September to Easter).
Orders and inquiries under: as well as on our homepage:
Likewise, since 2019 we offer guided tours for groups of 5 people or more, including tasting, by appointment.
Price: € 10 / person and with vodka or sparkling wine € 25 / person

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Romeo Caviar

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