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So invigorating and effervescent – carbonated curative water

Carbonated curative water lowers high blood pressure!

Experience the exciting effervescence of natural carbonic acid and the fascination of the purest mineral water on the skin. A "champagne bath" is what many guests call this sense of well-being.

The carbonic acid which penetrates the skin during a carbonic acid bath stimulates the blood flow by expanding the blood vessels, reaches the lungs and is then exhaled again. Cardio-circulatory problems are also alleviated, as are blood pressure regulation disorders.
Carbonic acid baths in the REDUCE Health Resort - Spa Therapy Centre are taken in specially-developed stainless steel tubs. The tub is filled with mineral water in its natural state and only then heated to between 35 and 38 degrees. A pleasure – and a healthy one!

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